About Renee


I'm a painter, sculptor and jewelry maker, a mom of multiple four legged (and three legged!) furry kids and four adult children.

Exploring media, expression and subjects has long lit the fire of creativity in my soul.  I work in a studio in my round turret "living room" and have begun taking over other rooms in the house as well. Expansion seems to be happening, both inside me and in my studio!

My work often expresses the energy, passion and power of equine subjects, finding a reflection of my own emotions and desire for freedom. Drawing and painting them raises me beyond my physical limitations and gives me the freedom to tangibly express the mysterious something within for which words are inadequate.

Animals of all kinds have been an obsession since childhood. From the time I could hold a pencil I strove to capture their likeness. Now my passion goes beyond likeness to emotion - theirs and mine. Though the techniques may vary, the goal remains to capture something of my soul and theirs with brush, blade and timeless silver.

Painting is a wonderful adventure and a way to treasure my experiences with nature, whether on the shores of Ontario's lakes both great and small or simply observing the sky and fields close to home. I am privileged to relive the happiness, peace and joy I feel from rambling walks in the woods or quiet contemplation at the shore.

~ Renee