Tiny Silver Sculptures, Wearable Art Collection

I've been sculpting a new horse head to be cast in silver, joining a little family of other original tiny sculptures, wearable art. Sign up to follow the creative journey!


These pieces will be cast when ordered and each one will be hand finished, enhancing their individuality.

In this way each piece is unique, not simply replicated.

Each silver pendant will make a beautiful, timeless heirloom, a gift reflecting the qualities of a priceless artefact, showing the marks of the maker and her tools, drawing the recipient into an intimate relationship with subject, artist and giver.

Will you gift this treasure to your dear one or to yourself? Or both? (That’s usually my solution to the quandary!)

They start at $250 for Made When Ordered, Open Edition pieces of similar size and weight.

I'm planning to add some even tinier charms and even larger art pieces as time goes on.

Completely one of a kind commissioned pieces start at $500 and increase in value depending on complexity. Want to chat about a special piece just for you? Let's chat!


There is an exciting, tiny world waiting to be discovered and explored! Will you join me on the adventure?