Sculpting the Unearthed Collection

The Unearthed Collection is growing and taking form. 

Unearthed collection small horse head sculptures 3 inch square framed copyright renee fukumoto


Expanding from my sculpting in silver for jewelry ~ an art form I adore for so many reasons! 

Small white horse head sculpture unearthed collection air dry clay copyright renee fukumoto

Discovery, wonder and mystery wrapped up in hand sculpted pieces hinting at unearthed treasures. 

Tiny sculptural art is making my heart sing! 

Its natural white state is soothing and intriguing at the same.

Available to my Insiders list soon! 🥰

And then there's a little larger portrait style sculpture I'm working on. 

White sculpture horse head portrait air dry clay 4 inch frame able copyright renee fukumoto

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