Follow Your Heart

watercolour painting girl child in white dress dancing in the forest magical copyright renee forth fukumoto

Collection: the Artist

Wandering the halls of memory and the walls of my house... this is one of the first large watercolours I tackled.

I painted this vision of my daughter when she was about five years old. She adored this white dress and loved to spin and spin, watching the skirts billow out around her. I could see her as a fairy child, flitting through the magical forest. And so, this painting was born to capture her romantic and magical heart.

Why did I choose a huge size to work on? I chased the vision in my head regardless of my prior experience.

It's time to chase the visions in my head again. It's time to get quiet enough to perceive and nurture them.

Will you join me on this artist's quest?

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~ Renee