Sculpting and Casting Tiny Art Boxes

Sculpted and cast air dry clay art for custom jewelry boxes and framed art by renee fukumoto

I'm exploring possibilities for jewelry boxes and tiny sculpted art.

I'm endlessly fascinated by archeology and anthropology, by the discovery of hidden artefacts and the lives of people lost to time. In fact this is a huge factor in my silver sculpture. I love the evidence of the artists' hands and the workings of time upon these little pieces of our hearts made visible.

I'd love for the jewelry box to reflect that aesthetic.

Handsculpted horse head air dry clay custom jewelry box top by renee fukumoto
The challenge is to not have it be too labour intensive while still creating something to cherish.

Is this possible?

I see the beautiful, charming packaging other artists offer for their hand crafted art jewelry and I'm inspired to create something special that speaks to my labour intensive, hand sculpted work. 

Hand painted ink and watercolour horse head sketch custom jewelry box top by renee fukumoto

And given that I'm a little obsessed with boxes anyway, it seems only right to make an artistic collection of boxes and packaging that become treasures in themselves. Treasure boxes ;)

I could see offering these as an upgrade option for those who will treasure them. 

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