NEW! Sculpted Silver Jewelry

fine art for your home and heart by Renee Forth Fukumoto

Each painting has been inspired by a walk in the wild or by beloved animals, becoming a treasure to cherish those feelings forever.

Renee currently works from a studio at home that occupies her round turret living room or outside, on site (en plein air).

Renee's artwork is in private collections in Canada and the United States.



Land, Sea & Sky




About Us

Studio Fukumoto is a collaborative mother and daughter expression of creative arts.

Renee creates legacies of love sculpted in fine silver jewelry, oils and watercolours.

She's a horse lover, animal adorer and dreamer with a country girl heart. You can find out more HERE.

Rebekkah creates fine silver jewelry,  leather work and writes fantasy literature.  Her workshop is under development, so her work will be seen here later in the year.

For now, she's the genius behind the scenes and helping Studio Fukumoto be visible and available online.

Together they're forging their way in the world.